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At Whole Child Therapy we know just how incredible your child is and we aim to keep them that way. We understand your child's unique strengths, we work with children and their families to help them develop their skills, gain confidence, and to find realistic solutions and strategies. We know what is important to a child, playing, making friends, doing well at school and experiencing the sweet joy of success. Here at Whole Child Therapy we provide a safe, fun environment where your child can explore themselves and find their own unique potential.

“Watching my daughter look into someone's eyes with excitement and joy for the first time was a life defining moment for me, ‘Mummy they are like water with lots of colours’. These are words that can never be taken away from us.”


Whole Child Therapy operates as a social enterprise. This means we are constantly working to benefit our local and wider community. We do this in a number of ways:

  • We offer fully and partially funded therapy for children who otherwise wouldn't be able to access our services.
  • In order to raise awareness and the quality of care for all children we hold free training days for professionals, parents and carers.
  • The majority of profits we generate are reinvested in to the service to enable us to expand and help more children across the UK.
  • We operate with a strong social conscience. We will never recommend services which are not needed or appropriate, we always put our clients needs first.
  • The environment is important to us and we strive to protect it. We never print unnecessarily and all our programmes and reports are sent as electronic files unless paper copies are specifically requested.

To find out more about Whole Child Therapy's social enterprise mission why not have a look at our social enterprise charter or to learn more about social enterprises in general have a look at the Social Enterprise UK website


We like to think the service we offer at Whole Child Therapy is a little different to what other clinics are offering. Our team don't believe in just giving out the same old tired handouts over and over again. All our therapy programmes are devised with one child in mind, each programme is as unique as the child for which it has been created. Our reports are in depth and really give incredible insight in to your child and how they interact with the world.

Play is the name of our game at Whole Child Therapy and the kids never forget it. The most meaningful experience of childhood is play, we understand how to use play as an intrinsic aspect of the therapy process. Therapy shouldn't be a chore for children or parents, our biggest problem is that the children don't want to leave.